A musical fairytale for the romantics

Once upon a time there was a handsome, rip-roaring guitar player who was happily going about his business playing hard, living the music scene and running an odd marathon when a beautiful songstress with a voice like honey and her own successful solo career came along and stole his heart…
You probably know that I’m referring to Canada’s favourite fairytale music and love match, Luke Doucet and Melissa McLelland whose romantic relationship has spurred just about as much chatter and interest as the incredible music they’ve been making together for the last couple of years. And since it is the month of all things hearts and kisses, we couldn’t help but tap into some of the romance around this lovely duo who will grace The Centre’s stage on February 7 in an OnStage performance.
There is really no better way than the intimate setup of OnStage to enjoy the chemistry Luke and Melissa bring to each performance. As an audience member, it’s really quite thrilling to watch them deftly moving around one another, smoothly transitioning from one instrument to another, often in the middle of a song, sometimes playing a single instrument together. Then there is the way their voices seem to be made for each other, tightly blending whether in unison or in harmony; likely the result of years of working together on various music projects before setting aside their individual careers and taking the plunge to form the duo Whitehorse.
Interestingly enough, Luke and Melissa insist that some of that chemistry we see from the audience is simply due to the fact that they’re sharing a microphone and their faces are close together.  As McLelland told one interviewer “We do have funny moments onstage — everything from actually feeling this incredible connection and love, or we’re giggling because Luke just burped and we’re sharing a single mic…” READ THE INTERVIEW
Mmmm, there goes my whole fairytale angle…but no, I believe in true romance and I say if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck…well then it must be a duck…or love! Something like that.
If you haven’t had the pure pleasure of seeing Whitehorse perform live yourself yet, you can get a little taste of what to expect in this clip of the pair performing live at the Polaris Prize Music Gala where they were in the running to win the prestigious north of the border version of the Grammy in 2013.  WATCH VIDEO

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