The Ten Tenors: The Best Of Broadway

The Ten Tenors have been on tour since late January, treating audiences across America to their charm and wonderfully rich renditions of favourite Broadway tunes. The Centre is pleased to have enticed the group north of the border for one of only three dates in Canada.
We caught up with tenor Ben Clark from the tour bus who told us the group is looking forward to their brief Canada leg. “Always very excited to get back to Canada, the group has had some incredible experiences there – namely singing the national anthem for the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2010.” If you’re a fan of either the Tenors or the Maple Leafs you’ll enjoy this entertaining little behind the scenes clip they made at the event.
This ever-evolving group of ten young guys (average age 26) from down under powered their rise to the top by developing a unique sound that brought together rock and classical music. They’ve thrown in a Broadway song or two along the way but this is the first time the group has put together an entire concert of Broadway fare.  Two months in, audiences are loving it!
“We’re getting a tremendous response to our new show. We have incorporated music from all genres of music theatre so there really is something there for everyone. The most common thing we’re being told after shows is the roller coaster of emotions our show sends our audiences on.”
Broadway repertoire can really push a voice to its limits and Ben admits that the guys are enjoying the challenge. Perhaps it helps that they come from such diverse backgrounds themselves.
“Every guy in the group has a different vocal background. When the group formed everyone was classically trained. However, as the groups style has diversified so have the voices within it. We have guys who are classically trained, musical theatre trained and we have guys that come from a rock background also.”
The diversity found on stage translates naturally into a broad audience appeal. As Michael Manikus, one of the longer-standing members of the group, told The Telegraph in March, “So many people, particularly men, turn up to a show, having been dragged by their wives, arms folded, thinking they’re going to watch us croon to the ladies and serve up yet another watery classical-crossover show.  Not too far into the show they realize we are a group of down-to-earth Aussie blokes that have power and guys in our performance and they leave not only pleasantly surprised, but fans themselves.”
If you haven’t seen these tenors perform, you’re in for a real treat.  If you’re already a huge fan, you won’t be disappointed by this new direction in repertoire! Everybody wins with this show because it’s impossible NOT to love these guys. See for yourself when The Ten Tenors bring The Best of Broadway to The Centre for one night only on Tuesday, April 29, 2014.

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