Traces: An Amazing Spectacle

Waterloo Region is no stranger to innovation. Our hi-tech sector is recognized all around world for its leadership in the field. That’s why we knew you would appreciate seeing innovation of another kind right here on our stage. Coming in April, Les 7 doigts de la main has taken the Cirque du Soleil craze to a whole new level by creating shows that not only put on an amazing spectacle, but also engage their audience more deeply by tapping into the humanity of the performers to create a more intimate and meaningful experience.
You may have seen for yourself the kind of magic they’re producing if you were watching the opening of the Sochi Olympics just a few short weeks ago.
In their show Traces, the cast of six men and one woman set about to leave their “traces” on the world; to fight impending disaster with their unique brand of creation. We see their traces expressed with fleeting impulses and desires that flow through their bodies and unfurl onto stage. The performers tell their story by weaving high-risk acrobatics with street elements such as skateboarding and basketball, theatre, music and even contemporary dance, imbuing awe and delight at every turn.
At its essence, this is a story of seven people, waiting for catastrophe to strike. That could sound a little dark except that these guys can’t be kept down. Incorporating humour and thoughtfulness these agile performers give absolutely everything they’ve got in a celebration of life.  Given the state of flux our world is in these days from natural disasters to ongoing resource wars, Les 7 doigts has tapped into something that we can all relate to one way or another.
The critics are in agreement that the show indeed does make a powerful and lasting impact with NBC TV calling it “a whole new kind of awe-inspiring theatre” and The New York Times saying it is “mad pulse-raising magic”.
This is a show that audiences of every age will absolutely love so gather up your family, friends, heck why not the whole neighbourhood – tickets are just $35 so you can afford to be generous!
Here’s another sneak peek of what to expect.  Hint: Remember to breathe!
7 doigts de la main – Traces comes to The Centre on Monday, April 28 @ 7.30 PM. Tickets are on sale now.

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