A Little Legend Trivia

Are you ready for a Legendary experience?  Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Producer, Philanthropist, Entrepeneur John Legend brings his An Evening with John Legend to The Centre  on Monday, May 12.  For those of you who snagged seats to this SOLD-OUT show, you’re in for an amazing night. This nine-time Grammy Award-winning genius has been wowing audiences across the US for the last month and a half as he tours in support of his fourth studio album Love In The Future.
One of the first stops on the tour, which began on March 20, took Legend to San Diego where audiences fell in love with the stripped down concert experience that allowed the artist’s stellar vocals and beautiful melodies to take center stage.  A reviewer from U-T San Diego offers a tempting description of the night.
Let’s leave a few secrets about the show on the table, after all every live concert experience is unique and that’s part of what makes it so special!  Instead, we’ll put your love to the test with a few John Legend trivia questions.  You can check your answers right at the end of the article.
1) What is John Legend’s birth name?
2) What did John do for work before his music career took off?
3) Legend was nominated for six Grammy Awards in 2006, how many did he take home?
4) On which children’s TV show did Legend perform a duet with one of the characters?
5) What does John say is his favourite kind of food?

Check out this clip of John preparing one of his favourite dishes with Martha Stewart and get the recipe too! Thankfully, Legend will stick to heating up the keys when he performs his only Eastern Canadian date at The Centre on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 8 PM.
Speaking of yummy eats, there will be food trucks such as Luchador Mexican-Fusion Streatery, Poor B’hoy Celtric Truck, Fo’ CheezyThe Command Post and Café Du Monde at the concert from 6PM onwards. Come hungry!
1) John Stephens, born December 28, 1978
2) He was an investment banker with the Boston Consulting Group
3) Legend won three Grammys in 2006 for Best New Artist, Best R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Album.
4) In 2009, Legend performed a duet with Hoots the Owl on Sesame Street – Watch it here!
5) I love southern/soul food. Chicken, ribs, mac & cheese, collard greens, corn bread. Anytime I can find a great soul food restaurant (especially when we’re touring down South), I’m a happy man.

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