George Thorogood and The Destroyers: 40 Years Strong

Forty Years Strong and the rockin’ bluesman George Thorogood is as “Bad to the Bone” as he ever was.  The song that MTV helped to make famous by giving it so much love in the rotation has been a driving force in Thorogood’s long and successful career.  Since its release in 1982, the catchy number has been used in so many films, TV shows and commercials that it’s now intricately woven into our popular culture.
You might wonder whether Thorogood grows tired of playing that song along with some of his other hits that have been part of the repertoire over the years but the answer would be no, not at all!  In a February interview with the Examiner, which ran just before his 40 Years Strong tour began, Thorogood responded to a similar vein of questioning by saying, “Well I’ve never disliked the tunes to begin with. I created these songs to be played live. That’s what they were made for.”
George’s love for each song is another big part of what keeps each show fresh and fun.  In fact, when we asked, George told us that he really couldn’t pick a favourite song because he loves them all! “All of them, that’s why I start my show by saying “how sweet it is!”  They’re like my children, it’s like saying do you have a favourite kid? They’re all my favourite.”
Songs, like children, are ever growing and changing and that’s yet another reason Thorogood doesn’t grow weary of his hits. The music is always evolving as the band adds new elements to old favourites.  He told the Examiner, “But certain songs [get] better as time goes on because you keep the same arrangement, you keep the same song, but you’re adding things to it that may have not been there eight years or six years ago. It helps keep it fresh. And that’s not premeditated, that’s just how it evolves as time goes on.”  Read the full article here.
Were you here when George Thorogood played The Centre last?  It was an unforgettable night and in the same way his songs keep getting better, the show is bound to be even more fun than the last time.  Reminiscing about his 2010 show in Kitchener, George said, “Yes, it was great last time!  That’s why I couldn’t wait to get back there.  The venue is great, the fans dig it and I dig it.”
Well maybe George can’t pick a favourite song but we’re willing to bet you’ve got one! For a chance to win an autographed CD and meet the man himself, post your favourite GT&D tune on our Facebook page using the #GTFAVE before Friday, May 9. The winner will be announced on Monday, May 12.
George Thorogood and The Destroyers perform at The Centre on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 @ 8PM.  Tickets are still available.

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