The Centre’s Opening Party

For many, autumn means going back to school and settling back into a routine.  Not for The Centre!  This year, we will launch our fall season with a FREE outdoor extravaganza featuring Australia’s Strange Fruit.
Based in Melbourne, this celebrated touring company performs atop five-metre flexible poles, bending and swaying to impossible angles while combining elements of theatre, dance, and circus. Originally inspired by the image of a field of wheat swaying in the breeze, the poles’ extreme strength and flexibility allow the performer to bow to impossible angles, swaying back and forth in a hypnotising dance as the audience looks up in wonder. Recently, the company participated at the opening of the Paralympics in London with the UK-based multi-abled cast of performers. The company will present two different sublime works at the Opening Party: Swoon! and The Spheres on Friday, September 12 and Saturday, September 13.
CEO and director of programming Sandra Bender introduced the opening weekend to The Centre as a free outdoor event to welcome the community to the facility for an experience profiling unique and innovative contemporary work. “The concept of what a performing arts centre is and what it should be is shifting in the public imagination,” said CEO Sandra Bender. “When I was hired the brief was very clear – find a means of engaging the broad community in the contemporary arts to make Centre In The Square relevant again. It’s a fine balance between what people refer to as “highbrow” and “popular” arts and entertainment – but finding the balance is essential to offer the best to this community and to engage this community through a broad, diverse programming model. Australia’s Strange Fruit not only brings the best to KW but it continues to expand The Centre’s offerings to broaden its relevance and engagement to the region we serve.”
Both days will have lots of fun activities for the entire family including an interactive kid zone. Along with Australia’s Strange Fruit, The Centre will present The ToyBox, an interactive kid’s zone where kids of all ages can create, play, explore and even throw a great party. This highly immersive, technology driven environment features music, art, costumes, games, lighting and projected images with live green screen interaction to spark creativity and imaginative play.
More details about the Opening Party to be announced at a later date.

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