Experience The Magic Of Las Vegas In Town

Let’s face it – most people wish they knew how to vanish from thin air, or even conjure something from nothing. From the basic sleight-of-hand trick of pulling quarters from someone’s ear to the more elaborate tricks seen only on a large Las Vegas stage, illusion magic has the power to mesmerize us all.
Luckily, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a plane ticket to Sin City – Masters of Illusion: Believe the Impossible brings the grand illusions that you would expect to see on a stage in Las Vegas right here to Centre In The Square.
You never know what you might see during a Masters of Illusion performance. You might see flying pianos, levitating women, escapes, comedy magic or even beautiful dancers. Known for their audience participation, this group of outstanding performers will astound and amaze you. With their off the wall antics and sense of humor, this isn’t your average group of magicians. Using so many different styles of magic they keep the audience intrigued and mystified until the very end.
Originating from the award winning television series Masters of Illusion, this live tour has played 105 shows in 5 different countries. With a reboot of this great show set to air this year on the CW network, you can catch a sneak peek at what to expect before they come to town on November 8.
If seeing really is believing, then Masters Of Illusion will make you a believer.

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