Ziggy Marley: Fly Rasta

In case there was any doubt, the answer is “yes”, Ziggy is indeed the oldest son of reggae legend Bob Marley. But the six-time Grammy winner, Emmy winner, humanitarian, singer, songwriter, and producer has worked hard to forge his own successful path in the music industry, releasing twelve acclaimed albums along the way.
As a child growing up in Jamaica, Ziggy was surrounded by music and by the age of ten he was sitting in on recording sessions with his father. Over the years Ziggy has spoken quite a bit about his relationship with his famous dad who he credits for teaching him about hard work and spirituality, but most of all, how to treat other people – to have manners for elders and to respect mothers and fathers.  Marley has said that one of the most memorable father-son moments was when he and his brother Stephen went with their father to Zimbabwe in 1980 for the independence celebration, and watched him perform there.
When Ziggy Marley makes his debut at Centre In The Square on October 9, he’ll perform selection of songs from his recently released album Fly Rasta including “I Don’t Wanna Live on Mars”, “Fly Rasta”, “Sunshine” and “You”.  The album has moments in alternative pop and acoustic rock while retaining the reggae roots and spiritual evocations of his past albums. With Fly Rasta, Ziggy Marley’s wide-ranging knowledge of roots and culture, as well as some funk, soul, rock and pop know-how is on full display.  He’s proof positive that reggae can grow and adapt without losing sight of its roots.
For a taste of the strong and memorable melodies that are Ziggy Marley’s signature, here’s Sunshine.

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