Six Things You Didn’t Know About Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley is not only known for being the first son of legendary Bob Marley, but also for his reggae-rock music styling and humanitarian acts. Here are some things you might not know about the six-time Grammy-Award winner.
1) Ziggy Marley was actually born David Nesta “Ziggy” on October 17, 1968, before his father’s rise to fame years later.
2) Eager to follow in his father’s footsteps, Ziggy was banned from the recording studio by his parents until the age of 10, after which he began sitting in on sessions with the Wailers.
3) In 1979, knowing that his death was imminent, Bob called Ziggy into the studio to record a children’s song he had written called “Children Playing in the Streets”. The song was about the terrible conditions of poverty that most Jamaican children were raised in. The proceeds were donated to the United Nations Children’s Fund.  The song was not sung in any particular key. Marley said “we just sung, we were free and whatever notes came out it was okay.”
4) Ziggy and his four siblings formed the Melody Makers. They began performing at special functions, including their father’s funeral in 1981. As a group, they released ten albums together.
5) Ziggy began his solo career late, releasing his first solo album in 2003 called Dragonfly.
6) In 1996, Marley and the Melody Makers recorded the reggae-style theme song for the children’s television series Arthur called “Believe in Yourself“.
See, you learn something new every day! If Ziggy Marley intrigues you, then make sure to get your tickets to see him perform on Thursday, October 9 @ 8PM.

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