Top Magic Tricks To Try At Home

Everybody knows that person who manages to pull a loonie (or if you’re lucky, a toonie!) from their ears – maybe you might be the one pulling coins from your little one’s ears.
We have some cool illusions you can try to up your sleight-of-hand game below:
1) Moving Foam Balls

2) Rubber Band Trick

3) Floating Ketchup Trick

Alternatively, you could bring yourself and your family to see the magicians at work at Masters of Illusion: Believe the Impossible. You never know what you might see during a performance – flying pianos, levitating women, escapes, comedic magic, or even beautiful dancers.One of the exciting features of this magical experience is that the entire audience participates in a mind-boggling illusion, and some lucky individuals even get picked to assist with illusions on stage!
If this sounds like your cup of tea, then join us on November 8 @ 8PM.

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