Manxmouse: The Adventurous Tale Of A Mouse

We’re very excited to bring the award-winning Theatergroep Kwatta, an outstanding professional theatre company from The Netherlands, to the Centre for the first time on November 22.  This extraordinary company was established in 2002 under the artistic direction of writer and director Josee Hussaarts and has built an enthusiastic following for its productions that are both light-hearted yet thought-provoking.  Kwatta is compelled to inspire amazement and admiration by tilting reality to create a different perspective, asking simple questions about difficult issues, refusing to make assumptions, and always searching for the unknown and the absurd.  It’s no surprise that audiences adore them!
Kwatta’s productions usually combine text and other forms of theatre including puppetry, music, song and film. In Manxmouse, a charming production based on the novel by Paul Gallico, animation, puppets and music combine to tell the story of a brave mouse seeking adventure.  With his bright blue fur, huge rabbit ears and a distinct lack of tail, the Manxmouse is truly one-of-a-kind.
Over the past year, this imaginative production has toured throughout North America, delighting audiences.  See what all the fun’s about:

Tickets start at just $5. For more information and to buy tickets, check out our event page.

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