Why Isn’t The Centre Cancelling The Cosby Show?

This has become the primary question over recent days. The Centre takes very seriously the concerns raised by patrons and the local community. This is a rental show and CITS is contractually obligated to move forward with the show unless it is cancelled by the external promoter. Our response is not complacent or an attempt to pass on the blame.
This is an honest response to a complicated situation. Commercial rental shows at The Centre are crucial for the venue to earn sufficient funds to operate. This show was contracted over a year ago with tickets on sale for a number of months. While we may personally share concerns raised by the community, if The Centre forces a cancellation of this rental show it isn’t simply a situation of giving back the rent.
As a result of breaking our contract for this show, The Centre would need to pay any guarantee fee contracted to Mr. Cosby and compensate the promoter for any losses from box office and show expenses. The Centre would also need to refund patrons as the promoter would not be responsible for bearing these costs in this scenario.
For these reasons we will continue to discuss options with the promoter, sharing the community concerns with them.

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