Our Holiday Gift Guide, Part II

Last month, we looked at a few novel ideas that would make a great gift to your friends, family, and even that person on your Secret Santa list. But what about something you can do with your little ones, or even a gift to give to those with children? Keep reading because this guide has got you covered.
For the tiny tots and babes in arms, we’ve got a great Studio show for the little tykes. Pomme is a delightful puppet poem brought to life through puppet play about an apple trying to discover what it is. For those a little older, we’ve got shows ranging from hilarious hijinx such as Kaput, to educational yet entertaining shows such as Doktor Kaboom! and Bill Blagg’s Trickin’, to a touching tale of enduring love at the end of the world with The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik. Tickets to all of these great shows start at just $5!
If you’re looking for something fun, educational, and crafty, perhaps consider going to or gifting one of the many fun and interesting workshops at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, or taking a trip to one of the many child-friendly exhibits and events at THEMUSEUM. Not only do you get to experience and learn new things together, you’ll be supporting the local arts and cultural community.
The Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony has a great family series of concerts if you’re interested in introducing the kids to classical music, as well as making a great gift for the musically-inclined friends with children.
If your little ones are interested in nature, perhaps consider buying a day pass to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, or even an annual membership for the more serious enthusiasts.
We hope this gift guide has inspired you this holiday season to help answer the age-old question “What do I get for my loved ones this year?”

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