Pink Floyd’s The Wall: A Musical Milestone

There is no better way to spend a chilly February evening than by listening to some of the greatest music to come out of the 1970’s: the brilliant sounds of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.
Frequently ranked as one of the greatest albums of the time, The Wall is a narcissistic, double-album rock opera about an emotionally crippled rock star who spits on an audience member daring to cheer during an acoustic song. As with most art, this concept album is a combination of imagination and the band’s own life. Whether it is viewed as a cynical story about the futility of life, or a hopeful journey of metaphorical death and rebirth, The Wall is certainly a musical milestone.
The fully developed songs such as “Run Like Hell”, “Another Brick In The Wall”, and “In The Flesh” are among the finest of Pink Floyd’s later work, but The Wall is primarily a triumph of production: its seamless surface, blending melodic fragments and sound effects.
Come and enjoy this legendary album recreated on our stage by Classic Albums Live on February 4 note for note, cut for cut and hear it as it was meant to be heard – live!

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