Experience Living Legends Live At The Centre!

Since its inception in 1980, The Blues Foundation has inducted members for their historical contribution, impact and overall influence on the Blues. If you delight in the sounds of a harmonica playing in the background as your favourite Blues song plays, then join us for a rare opportunity to see three living legends together on one stage when The Blues Hall Of Fame Tour rolls into Kitchener on April 22.
This tour is anchored by harmonica virtuoso Charlie Musselwhite and his band. A 2010 inductee, he has truly earned legendary status as one of Blues music’s most important artists:

Now in his 69th year as a professional musician, James Cotton (pictured above) lives for the blues. His overwhelmingly powerful harmonica is one of the iconic sounds of the blues. A 2006 inductee, his skills are unrivaled and his story the stuff of legend:

John Hammond, a 2011 inductee, has been described by The New York Times as “a blues legend with a voice like Robert Johnson’s and a demeanor that belies his tear-it-up might before an audience”. WATCH CLIP
If you want to see the magic that the three maestros can create, then look no further than these tour highlights:

If that sounds like just the very thing you need, then don’t miss out on this great show!

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