An Exclusive Q&A With Devin Cuddy!

Son of Canadian music legend Jim Cuddy, Devin Cuddy has been making a niche for himself with a music style that is unique and personal. We caught up with the up-and-coming artist to find out more about his musical inspirations, and what’s it’s like to work with family.
Q: Have you always wanted to be a musician?
A: No, I had very little aspiration to be a musician. I found a love for music when I was a teenager – I certainly liked playing for self-enjoyment, but it actually wasn’t until I finished university that I liked performing in front of an audience.
It took me a while to get sold on performing in public. Once I started, I realized that there was a dormant interest inside me and I haven’t looked back.
Q: How would you describe your music style?
A: It’s New Orleans Blues and Country music, very much a nod to the old-school styles of both of those genres. It came out of my musical interest of just trying to cram together the two styles of music that I found the most inspiring and influential. The Blues was the first style of piano that I learned and the first musical love that I had. Country appealed to me as a young adult because of the stories and the emotional lyrics.
But it’s also about my stories, so it’s kind of a hybrid of all those three things.
Q: As a talented artist playing multiple instruments, is there any one instrument you prefer?
A: I picked up a guitar when I started becoming interested in Country music because it is the tool of the trade. I can strum and play a few songs, but I wouldn’t venture a performance with a guitar.
The piano is the instrument I have played the longest. When I went to the music program at York University, I had to choose something to focus on. The piano was my strength and the one I am the most interested in.
Q: How do you think your father has influenced your music career?
A: Obviously, he had the influence that a father has on a son. His knowledge has become increasingly valuable to me and there are lots of little tips and guidance he has given me through the early stages of my career. He certainly helped me navigate making record deals and booking agents, but he’s done it in a way that’s not intrusive to me as I try to create my own path – which I really appreciate.
Q: Growing up watching your father perform, what is it like for you to now be performing?
A: I like it a lot. There was a moment when it was our first summer after the band’s first record came out. We were playing at a festival in Welland, Ontario, and we were waiting to do our sound check. I was sitting on a case side stage – I had a weird Deja vu moment that was like “Oh, I have been here my whole life”. They then called us up and I was on the stage, and it was a very cool moment to realize that now I’m here as an artist.
Q: Kitchen Knife was produced by Greg Keelor. What was that like working with a Blue Rodeo member?
A: We recorded it at his studio in his farm house, which I have known for my whole life. Working with Greg was very easy because I know him. It’s his studio and he knows what sounds good, which was very helpful for me because I’m still new at making records and he is very much a veteran at it.
It was very interesting to see him in that role because I’d only known him as an uncle. So it was cool to tap into that knowledge he has as a music producer and I’m very happy with what we put out.
Q: What can we expect at the OnStage concert?
A: We try to create a nice environment for people to listen to music, mostly influenced by New Orleans Blues and country, but with a rhythm that gets people going. It’s going to be a good time, hopefully get people dancing.
If you’re just as excited as we are to see him perform OnStage, then join us on April 28 for a great time! As a pre-show treat, show your ticket stubs at The Lancaster Smokehouse on show day to enjoy a free appetizer* before the show! After the show, stick around and join Devin Cuddy in our CentreStage Lounge** where he will be meeting fans and signing CDs.
*This offer is valid only on Tuesday, April 28, 2015. This offer entitles you to one free appetizer with the purchase of an entree at The Lancaster Smokehouse.
**There will be a cash bar available at The Lounge. Post show activities are limited to CentreStage Lounge capacity.

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