Indulge Yourself At Our CentreStage Lounge

If you’re looking for a place to rest on your laurels while enjoying a night out at The Centre, then look no further than our CentreStage Lounge. This little slice of heaven is a place to unwind, socialize, entertain and engage with your nearest and dearest.
Located below the main theatre and equipped with an exclusive personal lounge service, the lounge has a full premium bar that features an exquisite selection of fine wines, spirits and cocktails, and quality champagne, all of which can be taken to your seats as the show begins.
To have priority access this exclusive retreat, all you need to do is become a CentreStage member. With different levels and perks that are tailored to your needs, being a member has never been easier!
If you’d like to treat yourself or your loved ones to a special night out without a membership, you can still purchase a one-time pass to the Lounge on performance nights when visiting or calling the Box Office at 519 578 1570*.
Go on – indulge yourself and join us downstairs!
*Lounge passes are subject to availability and capacity.

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