The Blues Hall Of Fame Tour: A Slice Of Tennessee

The Lancaster Smokehouse will have their food truck at Centre In The Square on April 22 before The Blues Hall of Fame Tour performance. To honour these living legends, Lancaster Smokehouse has created a customized menu for the show named after the Blues’ artists.
Here is the story behind the names:
The Timeless Pastrami Sandwich is named after John Hammond’s latest album Timeless,
which marks his 50th year as a recording artist. Nominated for the Annual Blues Music Awards, Timeless honors a host of legendary and hugely influential blues artists including Chuck Berry, Elmore James, Howlin’ Wolf and Bobby “Blue” Bland, as well as the living legend and longtime collaborator and friend of Hammond’s, Tom Waits.
Superharp Sweet-Tea Fried Chicken Sandwich is named after James Cotton’s nickname ‘Superharp’. The nickname has been with Cotton ever since Kenny Johnson, the drummer in Cotton’s band at the time, arrived at the gig one evening with a denim jacket adorned with silver studs. “SUPERHARP” appeared in these silver studs across the back of the jacket and the well-deserved name has stuck with Cotton to this day.
Get Up! Rib Tacos is named after Charlie Musselwhite’s 2013 album Get Up!  Musselwhite is a big fan of pork ribs so The Lancaster Smokehouse created the taco dish in his honor. Ben Harper teamed up with renowned harmonica master Charlie Musselwhite to create Get Up!, a piercing song-cycle of struggle and heart. Ultimately, Get Up! earns its titular exclamation point as a successful combination of two talented veterans feeding off each other’s dusky, creative spirit.
Stubbs Side Option is named after Charlie Musselwhite’s guitarist Matthew Stubbs because he loves fish and vegetables. Stubbs was named the 2009 Outstanding Guitarist from Blues Audience Magazine and was a 2009 Boston Music Award Nominee for Blues Act of the Year.
Stubbs has earned himself a reputation for penning soul-drenched Roots & Blues guitar instrumentals.
June Core Tomatoes is named after Charlie Musselwhite’s drummer June Core because June is a vegetarian. As a self-taught musician, he got his first paying gig at 17. In 2004, Charlie Musselwhite hired June and he has been with him since.

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