Better Late Than Never: The Late Bloomers Of Comedy

Pursuing your dreams can be a daunting but rewarding experience. For Debra Digiovanni, quitting a full time job in the newsroom to become a stand up comic was an incredibly scary decision. However, her natural inclination to make the people around her laugh with her is what makes her Canada’s comedic sweetheart.
What makes her so funny? “Misery loves company,” says Digiovanni. “I think I take that truth in to my work and make it funny. My comedy has always felt like you’re having a girls’ night and you’re commiserating about something and laughing about it. This honest, ‘we all go through this’, let’s have a giggle.”
Another late bloomer to comedy, Alonzo Bodden found his calling while teaching mechanics. He realized his potential as a funny man when joking with his students to keep them awake during hours-long lectures about bolts, and went on to win Season 3’s Last Comic Standing.
Alonzo says his funny bone stems from observing the news and world events, as well as the creativity it offers. “When you’re on stage, it’s your world,” he says.  “You can create anything at that moment.”
Fun fact: Alonzo Bodden was a judge during Last Comic Standing Season 5 – the same season where both Debra Digiovanni and fellow Roadshow comic Gina Yashere competed.
Debra and Alonzo are both part of the line-up for the Just For Laughs Roadshow that will be at The Centre this Monday. The two comics say that it will be one hilarious evening. “We’re here to have a nice time and make people laugh,” says Debra, who will be hosting the show.
See Debra Digiovanni, Alonzo Bodden, Mark Forward and Gina Yashere in The Just For Laughs Roadshow at The Centre on April 20 @ 8PM.

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