Top Ten Whose Line Is It Anyway? Games

As one of the most hysterical shows that we all used to watch, Whose Line Is It Anyway is known for its incredible improv and outrageous banter. You’ll be pleased to know that show favourites Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Jeff B. Daniels and Joel Murray will be in the house on Saturday, October 3 at 8PM to do their own version of the show we all know and love. To get you into the spirit we did tons of research (what a chore, right!) to compile a list of our favourite top 10 games in the show’s history. Sit back, relax and enjoy!
Note: Some of these clips may contain adult humour or adult themes.
10) Whose Line?: We couldn’t have done a top 10 list without the original game “Whose Line?” This game is a classic.

9) Greatest Hits: We’ve all seen those hilarious compilation albums but never like the ones of Whose Line is it Anyway. Nothing could be better than the ever talented Wayne Brady improvising the hilarious songs to go along.

8) Irish Drinking Song: Who doesn’t love a little Irish drinking song? This game will make you want to do a jig.

7) Press Conference: We love games in which they not only have to improvise and act, but they also try to guess what they are acting out. It takes a lot of skill and gives us so many laughs.

6) Party Quirks: We’ve all had a strange guest arrive to one of our parties. Now this takes that scenario and multiplies it by 100. Hilarious!

5) Stand, Sit, Bend: A quick moving and never boring game, Stand, Sit, Bend will have you bending over with laughter.

4) Sound Effects: I don’t even know how the audience members can make those sounds without breaking out into laughter, but I guess that’s what makes this game #4 on our list.

3) Props: Where do they find these things? The cast is always able to find the most ridiculous ways to use these items.

2) Dead Bodies: Dead Bodies is one of those games you can’t help but giggle at the whole time. Colin Mochrie is on top of his game too.

1) Living Scenery: This outrageous game exemplifies the antics that go on during an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway. With the addition of the hilarious Richard Simmons, there no way you can top this clip.

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