Sizzle Up Summer With BBQ Tips From The Lancaster Smokehouse

If you’re looking to heat up your summer with some great barbecue, then we’ve got a few grilling tips on how to make your outdoor feast delectable with Lancaster Smokehouse chef and grill master, Tim Borys.
His first great tip is to brine leaner cuts of meat. Made from a simple solution of salt, sugar and water, Tim says that brining leaner cuts like chicken and pork can maximize the flavour and juiciness of them.
Another interesting tip from Tim is using pop as marinade. “Ginger Ale is really good with chicken,” he says, and adds that pop like Cola and Root Beer go well with darker meats, such as beef. He suggests trying a steak marinade with Root Beer, garlic, olive oil and salt.
If you’re looking to try your hand at smoking meat, Tim says it’s easy to turn your gas or electric barbecue into a smoker:
Step 1: Turn one of your barbecue elements on high or medium. Take a little aluminum foil pouch and put wood chips in it, sealing it up and poking a couple of holes into it. Place the pouch under the grates and right on the element, leaving that side on medium heat.
Step 2: After about half hour, the aluminum pouch will start to smolder and get smokey. Leave all of the other elements off so that when the lid of the barbecue is down, it acts like an oven, circulating the smoke within the barbecue.
Step 3: Place the meat on cooler end of the barbecue, near the elements that are switched off and let the meat cook.
Step 4: Replace the wood chip pouch every half hour to 45 minutes, or when the smoke dies down. You can control the smokiness of the meat by the number of pouches you put in the barbecue, as well as how full you fill them with wood chips.
Tim says smoking meat does take a long time to cook, taking at least an hour. Once you decide that the meat has a good amount of smoke flavour, you can finish the meat off in the oven.
If all this talk of smoky, delicious, slow-cooked barbecue gets you craving some great music that completes the atmosphere of lazy summer days, then you’ll want to give a listen to Matt Andersen, who will be performing at The Centre on March 1. Matt’s narrative-driven writing cuts through the soul, blending blues and folk, encompassed in total honesty. He takes listeners on a ride with his diverse musical styles, skilled guitar work and over-the-top showmanship.
To complement his music and to add a little Southern warmth to a cold March day, all Matt Andersen ticket holders can show their ticket stubs on show day at The Lancaster Smokehouse and enjoy a free appetizer when they buy an entrée! If that sounds like just the thing to spice up your day, join us on March 1 for some great blues and delicious comfort food.

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