Darcy Oake: World-Class Illusionist And Escapologist

Canadian born Darcy Oake surpassed thousands of contestants and won over 200 million viewers when he landed among top ten finalists on UK’s hugely successful, Britain’s Got Talent in 2014. From his appearance on this show came the birth of an electrifying new master illusionist and magician who grabbed the world’s attention with his sleight of hand to death-defying escapes.
Darcy had the world watching on the edge of their seats during his death-defying escape from a bear trap on Britain’s Got Talent from a bear trap. Watch the video here.
On August 24, Darcy Oake had the world biting their finger nails once again in what is being called the largest illusion ever performed on the BBC Broadcast House with an ending you won’t believe.
The Winnipeg-born magician escaped a wooden crate, held from a crane while handcuffed three-stories high, in an exhilarating outdoor spectacle witnessed by a mesmerized audience lining the BBC lot and to a viewing audience of over 4.5-million on Friday evening as part of The ONE Show.
Watch the video here. Caution, this video may cause your mind to explode with amazement.

If you can’t believe this stunt with your own eyes make sure you come and see his electrifying illusions live in person at Centre In The Square on November 16 during his highly acclaimed Edge of Reality Tour.

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