Jeans ‘n Classics Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary

Jeans ‘n Classics celebrates their 20th Anniversary this year as a group. To celebrate their 20 year anniversary they will be performing three new and exciting shows at The Centre. Jeans ‘n Classics is eager to return to Centre In The Square with three amazing shows with something for everyone. Founder of Jeans ‘n Classics, Peter Brennan raved about The Centre and the amazing Electric Thursdays series and said, “It’s the never-ending pleasure to play at CITS. We tell everyone all over North America all about CITS. The theatre is in our hearts and we can’t wait to perform these three shows”
We asked Brennan about the upcoming performances and what’s in store for The Centre in 2016:
Madmen Across The Water: Elton John – Thursday, January 21
Elton John was Jeans ‘n Classics very first show and has since gone through a million changes. It’s material that does not lose steam. Elton music is something that people really relate to with a large demographic. Brennan said that the performance of Madmen Across The Water: Elton John will include a choir from London in the second half called Vox Fusion.
Earth, Wind and Fire & The King of Pop – Thursday, April 21
Jeans ‘n Classics has performed Michael Jackson in a variety of ways; some of you Jeans ‘n Classics lovers might remember their full night of Michael Jackson a few years ago. The group has taken a cross-section of the Michael Jackson performance and the Earth Wind and Fire performance and combined them. The show features Gavin Hope and is sure to be a high-energy night to remember.
Imagine: The Music of John Lennon – Thursday, May 19
This is a brand new show. Jeans ‘n Classics has done several shows over the years that touch on The Beatles individually and now they wanted to have a crack at John Lennon. “What we do in the show is touch on all of his solo material and then add several Beatles pieces that were very much associated with John Lennon such as “A Day In The Life” and “Strawberry Fields”” says Brennan.
Single tickets are now on sale to the public. Get your tickets today and join us in celebrating Jeans ‘n Classics 20th anniversary.

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