Classic Albums Live Is Back in February To Recreate The Beatles’ Let It Be

In February, Classic Albums Live will be performing The Beatles’ album Let It Be, which Rolling Stone included in their 500 Albums of All Time List in 2003. The iconic magazine said “The Beatles’ final studio release features some of the strongest rockers (‘Get Back’) and most poignant ballads (‘Across the Universe’) in their entire canon.”
This album is perhaps best known in Beatles history as the one marked with the most conflict. The project was so difficult for The Beatles, they took a break from it and recorded Abbey Road instead. Although Let It Be was the last album they released as a group, it was the penultimate album the group recorded.
Let It Be was recorded as a companion to a documentary about how The Beatles worked together to produce an album. At that time, they hadn’t toured for a couple of years, so they also planned a live concert for family and close friends, which The Beatles held on the rooftop of their Apple headquarters in London.
The movie received a lukewarm reception, as this Rolling Stone article from 1970 describes. But the title song of the album is arguably one of The Beatles’ best-known songs. In 2004, it ranked at number 20 on Rolling Stone‘s List of the Greatest 500 Songs of All Time. In 2010, it rose up to number 8 on the magazine’s List of Top 100 Greatest Songs. Sesame Street even covered it: “The Beetles” sang the song “Letter B,” listed as having been recorded at “Lemon Studios.” Watch the clip here:

There couldn’t be a better time to be a Beatles fan in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region. Join us in February as we dig deep into Beatles’ history and hear the album just as though you were back in 1969/70 when Classic Albums Live will be performing The Beatles: Let It Be live ‘Note for note. Cut for Cut.’

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