Yamato: a powerful, high-energy cultural experience

Yamato: The Drummers of Japan began their 2015-2016 world tour last month and will be performing at The Centre on March 2. The theme of their new program, Bakuon: Legend of the Heartbeat is “the story of a strong, passionate and continuous beat”.  “Bakuon” – means ‘The biggest sound’ in Japanese. Using 30-40 Taiko drums, including a large Taiko drum that weights over 500kg, YAMATO will tell a story based on the sound of the heartbeat in every one of us. This sound of the heartbeat is continuous from birth, growth, and day-to-day existence. Above all, those who carry this sound are protagonists in this story of today, during this brief moment in the endlessness of time.  It has a quiet but strong pulse. Inspired by this sound, the drummers weaved this beat into the story of “YAMATO”.  Each beat from the Taiko drums in YAMATO represents its history, a life’s story of sweat and tears, and the vast memories remembered within the sound of every person’s heart.
This group has performed more than 3000 performances in over 53 countries around the world and has attracted over 6 million viewers. Its spirituality and intensity is one-of-a-kind, see for yourself here.
The Yamato show is a genuinely theatrical experience, delivered with balletic grace and infectious humour” –Times Online (UK)
Imagine two thousand years of samurais, shinto meditation and sake being built up and released through nine fiesty young drummers and their kits“- Kpas (UK)
The tour’s ultimate goal is to share an earnest moment in time with audiences where together “we somehow still exist”.  This is going to be a powerful, high-energy cultural experience that you won’t want to miss.

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