Exclusive Interview With The Gipsy Kings

The Gipsy Kings have sold millions of albums over the course of 25 years. They are the kings of flamenco, rumba and salsa music and have travelled the world to share their passion for music with millions of fans.
In a music video/documentary, Nicolas Reyes says “Music has been a passion, even after all this time. After all these years of touring and working, it’s always the passion. As long as we have this passion we will keep making music.”
Reyes goes on to say “I’ll always sing with love. With my whole heart for the entire world, no matter which country I’m in, to give the message of love. We’re all brothers. Life is beautiful. We have to love each other and we have to make peace among us.”
In an exclusive interview with the band, with the help of a translator, we asked them a little more about what it is to be a part of The Gipsy Kings.
Centre In The Square:  Gipsy Kings formed over 25 years ago. How has the band’s sound changed over the last two and a half decades?
Tonino: We have been following the evolution of the sound, even if we are still the same line up of musicians with guitars, we are using technology to create new sound and we have rearranged some songs.
Centre In The Square: Gipsy Kings have travelled all over the world, touring as a band. What has been your favourite place to travel to?
Tonino: If we look at what and where we have been touring, we can say that it’s America.
Centre In The Square:  It is said that Nicolas’ father, Jose, played a key role in the formation of what is now The Gipsy Kings. How has the importance of family impacted your music?
Nicolas and Tonino: We are following the same tracks as our fathers. We now have our sons around us and this is bringing a new energy and will allow for our story to go on.
For a band that has had chart-topping success, they are very humble and live a very simple life that includes their passion for music, their families, friends and a desire to inspire and move others through their music.
They are only making two stops in Canada during their tour so don’t miss your chance to see this incredible band on May 12. Get your tickets today.

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