National Geographic Live Explorer Series

Centre In The Square is proud to be the third Performing Arts Centre in Canada to bring you National Geographic Live, a speaker series with four gifted, entertaining, and fascinating explorers who are curious, intrepid, creative, and frankly, sometimes a bit crazy. Take a look:

Ocean Wild: The Light Beneath the Seas – Wednesday, November 30 @ 7.30PM
Brian Skerry has spent more than 10,000 hours underwater using his camera to tell the story of some of the ocean’s most elusive inhabitants. Join him live on stage as he goes into depth about dolphins’ intelligence, hangs out with the enigmatic manatee, and explores the ocean in search of the first photos of Atlantic bluefin tuna in the wild.

Gorongosa Reborn – Thursday, February 23 @ 7.30PM
The rebirth of a lost Eden: acclaimed cinematographer and filmmaker Bob Poole has documented the story of Mozambique’s entrancing Gorongosa National Park. Poole is an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer who has filmed documentaries for PBS NATURE and NOVA, BBC, has done over 30 films for Discovery Networks, and 30+ films for National Geographic Television. He’ll share secrets of filming lions, crocs, elephants, and spectacular scenery, and tell how he cracked the “Gorongosa code”—learning to read the landscape and find prime locations for filming the park’s spectacular wildlife. He’ll show you unforgettable images and stories of Gorongosa’s majestic animals—and how the wild places we’ve broken can be put back together.

Stranger In A Strange Land – Thursday, March 30 @ 7.30PM
Join veteran National Geographic photographer Jodi Cobb on a whirlwind retrospective of a distinguished career that has spanned four decades. Known for breaking through barriers and going undercover to reveal hidden societies, Cobb has captured fascinating glimpses of worlds such as Japan’s secret Geisha culture, and the cloistered lives of Saudi Arabian women. Her landmark story “21st Century Slavery” exposed a wide range of human trafficking, generating more reader accolades than any other story up to that point in the Geographic’s history. Travel with this inspiring woman as she chronicles her public—and private—path from young photojournalist to world-renowned photographer.

Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous – Wednesday, May 31 @ 7.30PM
Paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim has been obsessed with one of the great mysteries in paleontology—the giant predator, Spinosaurus, which is 9 feet longer than the largest T-Rex specimen. In a tale for the ages, Ibrahim recounts the discovery of what appears to be the first truly semiaquatic dinosaur, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. New fossils of the massive Cretaceous-era predator reveal it adapted to life in the water some 95 million years ago, providing the most compelling evidence to date of a dinosaur able to live and hunt in an aquatic environment. According to Ibrahim, “Working on this animal was like studying an alien from outer space; it’s unlike any other dinosaur I have ever seen.” With video recreating the lost world of the Cretaceous-era Sahara, Ibrahim will tell the story of Spinosaurus’ discovery, loss, and rediscovery.

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