I.AM.ME’s Phillip Chbeeb in the Spotlight

Phillip Chbeeb is the Creative Director and Head Choreographer for i.aM.mE, the award-winning, kinetic, high-powered dance crew that’s coming to the Centre next month, on November 12th. He didn’t start dance until he was 15, and at that was self-taught, but his dance and choreographic career has sky-rocketed over the past few years.
He doesn’t choreograph the same material from dance to dance. One moment, he’s fluid, the next angular; funky, then intimate. Along with the other members of i.aM.mE, he’s created a style of hip-hop called “brain banging.” Wondering what that is? Then watch this clip from i.aM.mE’s performance last year on America’s Best Dance Crew, where they explain and then dance this innovative hip-hop style.

Sharp, angular, and intricate choreography, right? Dance crews have become famous over the past decade or so in part due to ABDC, and it was through this show that i.aM.mE became famous. But Chbeeb also knows how to choreograph duets, something he’d learned from his So You Think You Can Dance days (Season 5). Check out the opening (and then watch the rest) of this duet with i.aM.mE member (and another SYTYCD alumnus) Emilio Dosal. It’s from the 2016 World of Dance competition in Hawaii. The complex and crisp choreography will surprise you.

When you come to see i.aM.mE in November, you can expect to have your mind blown – not just because these phenomenal dancers can pull off jaw-dropping moves, but because Phillip Chbeeb’s unparalleled choreography will show you hip-hop like you’ve never seen before. Get your tickets now.

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