More Great Studio Theatre Kids’ Shows To Come!

More Great Studio Theatre Kids’ Shows To Come!
There’s something for kids of all ages in the Studio

We know that young children can sometimes find large crowds and bright lights overwhelming. Young ones can also have a hard time sitting still, even if they’re really intrigued by what they’re watching. That’s why we offer some of our children’s programming in our Studio space.

Our Studio seats only 135 patrons, and we offer a range of family-friendly seating: small blankets and big cushions at the front, risers behind, and chairs at the back help to make everyone comfortable, from toddlers to grandparents. And because the stage is so close, the children can easily see their favourite acts.

Maybe you’re concerned about the length of the show? The shows in our Children’s Programming all run an hour or less: perfect for an outing, but not too difficult for the kids to sit through. Our family pricing also makes theatre affordable: a family of five can attend for only $35.
This year we’ve got a host of fantastic shows for you, from a well-known kids’ character, to a CBC children’s entertainer, to phenomenal physical comedy. See what’s coming up!

TerZettto – Saturday, October 22 (ages 5-12) – If spirits haunt theatres, then Buster Keaton will for sure be at TerZettto, a hilarious giggle-fest for kids that features physical comedy, acrobatic tricks, musical dancing, beautiful singing and…a toe in its owner’s nose. Have a look.

Will Stroet of Will’s Jams – Saturday, November 26 (all ages) – Get ready to boogie! Will Stroet, the award-winning entertainer and star of Will’s Jams on Kids’ CBC television, performs a high-energy and educational 50-minute musical show with fun actions and sing-a-long choruses in English and French. Will’s music inspires kids to be active, healthy, creative and engaged in the world. You don’t get more Canadian than this song, “Hockey’s Just Really Cool.”

The Bockety World of Henry and Bucket – Saturday, January 21 (ages 4-8) – Henry and Bucket are best pals, although sometimes you wouldn’t think so! Like all good friends they have their ups and downs, their battles and reconciliations, their shared adventures and, at times, their need for their own space. But as long as these two friends are together, transforming their rusty, dusty, battered and bockety world into a place of wonder, their adventures can take them anywhere!

Moon Mouse: A Space Odyssey – Saturday, March 18 (ages 5-10) – Marvin the mouse wants to be popular. Constantly bullied and picked on by the “cool” rats, he’s labeled as a looser and a geek. As respite from the continuous badgering, Marvin retreats into his science books and a world of fantasy. Over 40 luminous characters will be operated by five performers in this 60-minute performance, and a short Q&A will be offered so all can have an interesting peek behind the scenes. Check it out!

Grug & The Rainbow – Saturday, March 25 (ages 2-5) – Grug began his life as the grassy top of a Burrawang tree. Fascinated by the world around him and never short of an adventure, now he’s back by popular demand. Featuring exquisite puppetry and more of the gentle storytelling that has delighted audiences around the world, this brand new show has been especially created for the next generation of our littlest theatregoers (and those who just love Grug). See a few highlights from Grug’s adventure!

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