Said The Whale – New Album

Canadian Indie Group Going on 10 Years, Releases New Album
Said the Whale performs here as part of our OnStage series

Said the Whale is another star in the Canadian indie rock sky. They formed in 2007 as a collaboration between songwriters Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft.
“One of the band’s greatest strengths is that it employs two extremely capable songwriters,” says
The pair’s debut EP, Taking Abalonia, featured sunny west coast indie pop, with breezy harmonies, shimmering guitars, and lyrical tributes to their home city of Vancouver. In 2008, the album was rereleased as Howe Sounds/Talking Abalonia and it featured seven additional tracks that stretched the band’s stylistic palate to include bubblegum folk (“The Light Is You”), thundering hard rock (“Last Tree Standing”) and gentle ukulele ballads (“The Real of It”).

“Said the Whale are the living embodiment of Canadian indie rock,” says. “The Vancouver, BC quintet have penned a host of light, bouncy tunes with just the right hint of sentimentality over three full-lengths, climbing to the top of the country’s indie-pop heap.”
What has fans of Said the Whale (recently updated as a trio) excited though, is their new album, As Long As Your Eyes are Wide, which will be released next month. The group, possibly at a fan’s request, has released the official audio track of one of the album’s songs, “Step Into the Darkness.”

Said the Whale will be appearing as part of our OnStage series on April 7. And so that you can dance around, the show will be standing room only. Their Toronto show has already sold out. Get your tickets now for Kitchener.

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