9 Facts About Alan Doyle

9 Facts About Alan Doyle
The former Great Big Sea front-man doesn’t just sing

You know Alan Doyle as the front-man for Great Big Sea, but how familiar are you with everything else he’s done? Here’s a partial list.
1. He played one of the three Merry Men in Ridley Scott’s 2010 Robin Hood starring Russel Crowe.
2. Alan and Russel also played in an episode of the CBC’s Republic of Doyle.
3. Both also appear occasionally to sing together. Here, they’re singing a folk song at a hotel in Iceland.

4. Alan’s first book, Where I Belong, was published in 2014 and chronicles his life up to when he met Sean McCann, Bob Hallet, and Darrell Power, who then formed Great Big Sea.
5. A second autobiography is in the works for 2017 and starts off where the last one ended.
6. Where I Belong has a rating of 4.25/5 from over 900 readers on Goodreads.
7. Alan has a BA from Memorial University in Newfoundland. He majored in English.
8. Often citing his Newfoundlander upbringing, Alan plays for and sits on several boards of various charities. Last year, he was awarded a Canadian Red Cross of Newfoundland Labrador’s Humanitarian Award.
9. In January of this year, Alan also appeared on an episode of the CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries.
Alan will be here at the end of the month with The Beautiful Gypsies: Kendel Carson (background vocals, fiddle), Cory Tetford (background vocals, guitar), Todd Lumley (keys), Murray Foster (bass) and Kris MacFarlane (drums). It’ll be an awesome night of Great Big Sea favourites, hits from Alan’s two solo albums, and traditional Newfoundland songs! Get your tickets now!

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