KWHYRDO Electric Thursdays: Journey & Supertramp

Jeans’n Classics Returns With Supertramp & Journey!
2 Bands, 2 Sounds, >4 Decades of Music, all in one night
Supertramp’s formed, with Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, in 1969. And although it’s unfortunate that only dreamers can hope for a Supertramp reunion, there’s no doubt about this British band’s greatness: 11 albums over four decades, numerous Top 100 and Top 40 hits, and 60 million albums sold. From their progressive rock beginnings to their later commercial successes, Supertramp’s unique sound has stood the test of time.

On this side of the big pond, another group had formed a few years later, in 1973 in San Francisco: Journey, made up of former members of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch. Since their inception, and also throughout the group’s many iterations, they’ve sold almost 90 million albums worldwide.

In just over a week, Jeans’n Classics is back with another phenomenal concert. They’ll play Supertramp’s “Dreamer,” “Logical Song,” and “Breakfast In America,” and Journey’s “Open Arms,” “Who’s Cryin’ Now,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and more! So stop dreamin’, and start believin’ that you’ll hear this music live again, in full sound. Buy your tickets now.

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