Bonnie Raitt’s Activism

“I’m a Citizen First, I’m a Musician Second”
Bonnie Raitt’s Activism
Grammy Award winner Bonnie Raitt never intended to make a career out of music: she had actually gone to college (back in the day) with the hopes of eventually doing work in Africa. That was decades ago now, but she still devotes time, resources, and her image to social causes.
The most obvious way for her to raise funds is through benefit concerts, which she’s performed with a host of other star musicians, including Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Doobie Brothers, and many more. Benefiting organizations have included the Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force, Native Community Action Council, Everglades Foundation, Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE), Clean Water Action, Center for Media and Democracy, and tons more.
“I’m a citizen first, I’m a musician second,” Raitt said during an entertainment segment. She takes advantage of her celebrity status to bring attention to the various issues that are important to her. One organization she works with extensively is the Guacamole Fund, a charity in the US that helps connect grassroots causes with the entertainment world. According to its website, the Guacamole Fund “assists environmental, social change, cultural and service organizations by facilitating, organizing and producing benefit concerts, rallies, special ticket sales, receptions and media campaigns.”
Click here to watch an interview between Major League Baseball and Bonnie Raitt!
At nearly every concert, Bonnie works with this charity to offer hand-selected seats to benefit local non-profit organizations working on issues of safe and sustainable energy, environmental protection, peace with justice and beyond. The charity also often arranges for grassroots organizations to be present at Raitt’s concerts.
Bonnie Raitt, named one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by Rolling Stone, will be at the Centre In The Square on June 7. A handful of tickets are still available; get yours now.

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