Diana Krall Sings From Her New Album

Sultry, soft, and sanguine, she’s turning up the quiet

Nanaimo native Diana Krall has made a name for herself the world over. Since her first album in 1993 (yes, it’s been that long), she’s released 13 more. Her most recent album, Turn up the Quiet, just came out this year.

Known for her sultry voice and her uncanny ability to make shows in large theatres feel like you’re just sitting across from her at a table, Krall has been enchanting audiences for over two decades now.

Krall has sung and played with the best of them: Tony Bennett, Elvis Costello (her husband), David Foster, and Ray Charles, to name a few. She also produced Barbra Streisand’s album, Love is the Answer, released in 2009. For someone who spent 20 years working in bars and hotels, that’s an incredible career.

The new album, which the San Francisco Chronicle describes the album as “a balm for these turbulent times.” And yet, Krall describes how she made it through a few difficult years to get to this point, including a bout of pneumonia that, she says, took her three years to fully recover from. Her father also passed away during this period, and now, her producer for her last 11 albums, Tommy LiPuna, died just after Turn up the Quiet was completed.

Have a listen to “Blue Skies,” a track on her new album.

“Listening to an evening of Diana Krall and her band is like a musical rejuvenation of sorts. It’s a walk through a garden blooming with a joyful noise. I love my rock ‘n’ roll and I love my blues, but there’s just something about the beautiful jazz she shares with all of us that refreshes my musical spirit,” writes This Is Reno reviewer Nick McCabe.

Diana Krall will be in Kitchener on Monday, November 27th. Get your tickets now for a loudly quiet evening with one of Canada’s best jazz singers.

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