10 Things You May Not Know About Our Studio Space

Including family-friendly ticket prices

1. A theatre with floor cushions for kids, chairs for adults, and programming for both is exactly what our studio space is all about.
2. This is where we bring in theatre groups from Canada, the US, and even abroad to present unique, educational, and quieter productions than those for our mainstage.
3. The studio typically seats about 150. Kids get to watch a play on their tummies, roll over on to their backs when they’re uncomfortable, or sit on their caregiver’s lap.
4. Washrooms are nearby without having to “excuse me, sorry, pardon me” your way past dozens of people.
5. Worried about what to wear? Don’t. Our studio is a casual environment.
6. The stage is at the same level as the audience, so little ones don’t have to crane their necks to see. And because of our unique seating arrangement, no seat is a bad seat. (If a show does book up, we set up our risers, still ensuring good sightlines.)
7. To reach the studio space, come around the Centre In The Square to the Ellen St. side. You’ll see a set of doors to the left of and separate from our lobby doors.
8. We have a small concessions booth inside, in case you wish to buy you and your child any treats.
9. Aside from the friendly atmosphere, comfortable seating, and child-appropriate productions, we also offer family-focused pricing: $15/adult, $10/child, and $35/family of 5 (additional tickets only $7 each).
10. And we’ll bet you didn’t know this: If you see a show that you’d like to bring some of your child’s friends to, either as a special play date or a birthday party, our ticket pricing doesn’t change.


We’ve just announced our family programming for the 17/18 performance year. Click on each title to find out more and purchase tickets:
Saturday, October 28 @ 11AM & 2PM
Bobs and Lolo
Saturday, November 25 @ 11AM & 2PM
Robinson Crusoe
Saturday, February 3 @ 11AM & 2PM
Shh! We have a Plan
Saturday, March 17 @ 11AM & 2PM
Polar Bears Go Up
Saturday, April 14 @ 11AM & 2PM
A good mix of new shows and trusted classics, our family programming in our studio space is a great way to enjoy theatre with your young ones. If you have any questions about age appropriateness or show content, just call our box office.

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