Whitehorse Returns With Panther in the Dollhouse

Whitehorse Returns With Panther in the Dollhouse
Duo is back with a bigger, bolder, more boisterous sound
Whitehorse’s story began as two acclaimed musicians joining forces under one new name – no drummer, no keyboard player, violinist or even bass player on call, and no producer. Just Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland. The first album and EP demonstrate the success of this simple equation, one plus one, with an abundance of guitar slinging, songwriting expertise, and white-hot desire.
By the time Whitehorse came to our stage just two years ago to promote their sophomore LP Leave No Bridge Unburned, they began to mess with the math, and the duo hired Brooklyn-based producer Gus Van Go to make the record.And now, they’ve really expanded their sound into something new, edgy, and experimental, thanks in part to Grammy award winning hip-hop producers Likeminds, and the duo’s touring band, according to an article in Exclaim!
That new sound is their new album, Panther in the Dollhouse.
On this album, Whitehorse delves deep into body politics and explores questions of consent, self-determination and, ultimately, freedom, largely from the perspective of women.
“Nighthawks,” to take an example, is a song that explores the constructs of perpetrator and victim on the streets. The song is also a companion piece to the slow-burner “Evangelina” from Leave No Bridge Unburned, which re-imagined the sex worker as superhero in celebration of those who challenged Canada’s prostitution laws at the Supreme Court of Canada in 2013.
Have a listen:

Panther in the Dollhouse also sees Whitehorse fully embrace cinematic fiction: From the grind-house ballad of “Die Alone” to the peroxide burn of “Trophy Wife,” Panther in the Dollhouse is packed with inventive sonic elements and neo-noir drama, full of flawed characters, foiled plans, and anti-fairy tales.
Melissa and Luke formed Whitehorse in 2010, and things have only gone up. Catch them again when they perform as part of our special OnStage (standing) series, on Saturday, November 18. Buy your tickets now.

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