7 Facts about CCR

7 Facts about CCR
How many do you know?
Creedence Clearwater Revival has been a mainstay of American rock music since its first hits aired on the radio in the late 60s. Their Louisiana-inspired music despite their San Franciscan roots gave them a unique sound that is credited with contributing to a new wave of music in the 70s. We dug up seven facts about the band and John Fogerty, which you may or may not know. At the end, you’ll find the links to our sources, where you can read even more about CCR.
1) CCR’s album Cosmo’s Factory hit #1 on Billboard 200 on August 22, 1970, and remained there for nine weeks.*
2) Thanks in part to the Beatles’ break-up in 1970, Billboard placed CCR in the number one spot for album artist on the publication’s then-new, year-end list, “Talent in Action,” which highlighted the best acts of the year.
3) John Fogerty’s first band was called Johnny Corvette and the Corvettes. He was eight years old at the time, and his band was imaginary.
4) Also in his childhood, Fogerty preferred Bing Crosby over Frank Sinatra.
5) CCR performed at Woodstock in 1969. However, Fogerty vetoed the band’s inclusion on the documentary film or the soundtrack, because he felt their performance wasn’t good enough for documenting.
6) Fogerty played a 1969 Rickenbacker 325 Sunburst guitar during the peak of his career, including at Woodstock. It was lost in the early 70s, but found and gifted to Fogerty in the early 2000’s.
7) Songs written and recorded on that guitar included “Green River,” “Travelin’ Band,” and “Up Around the Bend.”

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