Candy That’s Good For You: Brain Candy

Candy That’s Good For You: Brain Candy
Brain Candy Live is the type of science class they can’t do in school. Why? Because they don’t have a huge stage, loads of fancy and everyday equipment, and a 2,000-seat auditorium full of unsuspecting guinea pigs, um, we mean engaging people.
Brain Candy Live is the brain child of former MythBusters host Adam Savage, Vsauce creator and host Michael Stevens, and director Michael Weber.

Adam Savage co-hosted one of the most highly regarded and watched series on Discovery Channel, MythBusters, which ran for 14 earth-shattering years. The show mixed scientific method with gleeful curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity to confirm or bust myths, creating its own signature style of explosive experimentation.
Michael Stevens’ passion for learning, science, and making curiosity contagious led him to create Vsauce in 2010. The YouTue channel captures attention with fun questions like, “What colour is a mirror?” “Can you count past infinity?” and “Why are things creepy?” Now reaching a collective 17 million subscribers, with video views in excess of 2 billion, Vsauce has grown into one of the largest educational networks on the web.
Director Michael Weber is widely respected for his innovation and problem-solving and storytelling abilities. Scientific American Magazine wrote, “Michael Weber is a walking Swiss Army Knife.” Weber’s work can be seen in dozens of plays and feature films, including Forest Gump, Angels in America, The Parent Trap, The Illusionist, Top Dog Underdog, The Prestige, A Year of Magical Thinking, and Ocean’s 13. Recent projects include a zero-gravity show to be performed on the International Space Station, an interactive candy store that allows kids to make a gumball travel over 250 miles an hour before they chew it, and a magic show for the blind that takes place entirely in the dark.
Warning: Brainy Candy is highly stimulating. Any contact will result in increased awareness, decreased bias, joyful experimentation, outright invention, and fun. If that doesn’t scare you off, then don’t wait any longer to get your tickets for the November 24 event.

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