Once a folk duo, always a folk duo? Whitehorse says no.

Once a folk duo, always a folk duo? Whitehorse says no.
Musical married couple Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet insist their relationship started out professionally, according to an article in The National Post. Melissa was hoping Luke would produce her album, and he ended up producing three of them before the pair put their solo music careers on hold and became Whitehorse in 2010.
American Songwriter writer Hal Horowitz says the couple “have been traveling an impossible-to-pigeonhole style since their 2011 debut EP.” With Panther in the Dollhouse, the differences from McClelland and Doucet’s previous albums include a band and a deeper dive into the lives of the fictional characters on their latest album.
“At some point in the process,” McClelland says in the Herald, “we realized there was a strong character in pretty much all the songs and we even came close to actually naming all those characters.”
You also won’t find only folk-roots music on this album (or at the concert), the original style of Whitehorse. Instead, you’ll find an eclectic mix, with touches of trip-hop, garage-rock, blues, electro, pop, and country.

And not only that, but with Panther in the Dollhouse, Whitehorse is touring as a five-piece rock band instead of a two-person show.
McClelland said that touring as a duo eventually got “a bit exhausting. Now, playing with the band, it’s so easy and fun. It just feels like rock’n’roll. It feels like music.”
New sound, new format, new record. And all of this in the intimacy that is our OnStage experience. Buy your tickets now for Whitehorse, performing at Centre In The Square on Saturday, November 18.

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