Skydiggers’ History

Skydiggers’ History
Skydiggers: 25+ Years of Chemistry, Passion, and Energy
Skydiggers have been around for over 25 years now, and the chemistry, passion, and energy that are the hallmarks of this Canadian band are still evident.
“It all started in the beverage room of the Spadina Hotel. That is essentially when the band came together,” says Josh Finlayson, one of the band’s co-founders. “Andy [Maize – second co-founder] and I performed there as a duo as part of Andrew Cash’s Monday night series called Acoustic Meltdown. When Andrew released his debut album and could no longer host the night, we took it over. We put an ad in Now Magazine answered by Ron Macey, and together with Wayne Stokes and Andrew’s brother Peter Cash, who was quietly writing some amazing songs, Skydiggers were born.”
Skydiggers reached Top 40 with their album Restless in 1992. Here’s a video for the song “Feel You Closer” from that record:

Over a quarter of a century later, thanks to years on the road and in the studio, Skydiggers are not only riding all of those years of momentum but continuing to evolve as well. Both Maize and Finlayson credit the group’s chemistry.
“You can spend your life searching for chemistry,” Maize says. “For any relationship to remain vital and continue to grow you need chemistry. We were lucky to have found that early on with each other.”
A few lucky breaks, helped, too. “We were also fortunate to play four very big shows before our first record even came out,” Maize says. “We opened for 54-40, the Tragically Hip, Cowboy Junkies, and Blue Rodeo early on and I think we learned a thing or two about chemistry from those experiences. After all, those four bands are also still together.”
Skydiggers have played a Christmas concert at Toronto’s famous live venue, the Horseshoe Tavern, for well over two decades. Now, they’ve decided to take the concert on the road. Tickets are still available for this OnStage show on December 7, so order yours now for a warm, cozy night of songs with Skydiggers.

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