Bringing Masters of Illusion to Life

Bringing Masters of Illusion to Life
Masters of Illusion began as a television series in 2014 and is the impetus behind the live show coming to Kitchener in just a few weeks. These aren’t up-and-coming magicians materializing on our stage – they are at the top of their game, having received awards and performed all over the world. Here’s just a glimpse of three of the five magicians who’ll leave you breathless in your seat.
Farrell Dillon is a rare honors graduate of the Chavez Studio of Magic, the most prestigious magic school in the world. Through this course, Farrell learned the methods and techniques of the world’s master magicians.
Over the past decade, Farrell has performed for hundreds of thousands of people and for clients like The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Harrah’s Entertainment Properties, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, just to name a few. He has a unique style that creates a perfect blend of magic, comedy, skill and illusion.
Greg Gleason is one of the top performing magicians in the world, wowing audiences wherever he goes. In Las Vegas, he starred in The Wizard’s Secrets at the MGM Hotel and Casino, performing a record-breaking 9,000 shows there. He also went on to star in Gleason Magic-Embrace the Mystery at the Venetian Hotel and Casino.
Gleason’s thrilling and cutting-edge performances have made him an international sensation. His shows exhibit his impeccable technique and a dedication to his craft that is rarely seen in modern illusion acts today. His sleight-of-hand skills are as smooth as silk, truly making astonishing magic.
The International Magician’s Society named Gleason “Illusionist of the Year” and he was awarded “Magician of the Year” at the World Magic Awards, the magic world’s equivalent to the Academy Awards.
Naathan Phan, is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, The International Brotherhood of Magicians, The Global League of Magicians and Mentalists, the Screen Actors Guild, the National Eagle Scout Association, and is a master of all trades, jack of none!
Phan’s first love in life was, and still is, magic. He became enamored by the art at five years of age when his grandfather showed him his very first magic tricks. Although Phan’s magical genesis may sound a bit cliché, his magic is anything but. He hooks you with his Robin Williams-paced wit and humour, perfectly punctuated by his well-practiced prestidigitation. (In other words, he’ll entertain you and really make you laugh – using magic.)
Getting all three before the camera is next to impossible, since their acts are so individual. So, we’re happy to show you an incredible levitation spectacle performed by Greg Gleason!

Masters of Illusion: Believe the Impossible will be here on Wednesday, January 31! Don’t delay any longer, or your tickets, too, may fly away without a trace. Buy yours now.

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