Recreate The Sounds Of Led Zeppelin

In 1968 English rock band The Yardbirds found itself with one lone member, and a tour of Scandinavia looming ahead. That member, guitarist Jimmy Page, recruited bassist John Paul Jones, vocalist Robert Plant, and drummer John Bonham to reform as ‘The New Yardbirds’ and hit the road with a few new songs under its wings including “Communication Breakdown”, “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”, and more! The band bonded incredibly fast, and shortly after headed into Olympic Studios with engineer Glyn Johns to produce the bands debut record which would become Led Zeppelin I.
The record was recorded mostly live off the floor, however, many additional instruments appear on the album including the Hammond B3, tablas, tympani, pedal steel, acoustic guitar, and harmonica. The musicians of Classic Albums Live use these instruments to recreate these sounds you hear on the album live “Note for note. Cut for cut”.
Here are a few videos to help to try and recreate the sounds off this iconic album:


Join us on January 24 as Classic Albums Live recreate Led Zeppelin I “Note for note. Cut for cut”. Buy your tickets now!

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