New Release! By George – By Bachman Out Now!

Multiple Hall of Famer, songwriter, singer, and guitarist Randy Bachman just released his latest album, By George – By Bachman, a respectful and personal testimonial to George Harrison’s finest work.
Make no mistake; this is not your typical tribute album. This truly is a “Harrison by Bachman” concept with Bachman’s distinctively personal stamp and style placed on The Quiet Beatle’s music.
“For this album I figured I would take George’s songs and give them new grooves,” Bachman says. “I wanted the tempos and arrangements to be different but still recognizable by the lyrics. I took the major keys and turned them into minors. It was a whole new interpretation of a familiar song. I was quite excited about the prospect of re-imagining George Harrison’s songs.”
By George – By Bachman opens and closes with “Between Two Mountains” – a Bachman original written to tie the various elements together which comprise the album’s concept. In this song, Harrison’s position amidst the musical giants of Lennon and McCartney is acknowledged.
“George’s light shone through what could have been a shadow between such mountainous forces as John and Paul,” says Bachman. “Love is forever – and George made certain that paramount sentiment endured throughout his work and life. His music and his example mean the world to me, and I hope I have honoured that in a way that will resonate with people who, like me, are his fans and admirers.”
There’s also a little something extra for George Harrison aficionados. “Throughout the album, I put in little signature licks that are associated with George’s songs,” reveals Bachman, “like the slide part from ‘My Sweet Lord’ or the opening chord from ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ for the fans to notice. Kind of like Easter eggs.”
Bachman kicked off celebrations of By George – By Bachman with a concert at the B.B. King Blues Club in New York City on February 24, a day from what would have been George Harrison’s 75th birthday.

Randy Bachman and his band have already returned to Canada and will be in Kitchener on Thursday, March 8th. Don’t miss this chance to see some of rock’s greatest music played by one of rock’s greatest stars.

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