10 Facts About Bowie & Prince

Jeans ‘n Classics is back with another night of great music as part of our Electric Thursdays series, this time by two artists who left us far too soon: David Bowie and Prince. How many of these facts do you already know?
David Bowie
1. Bowie was born David Jones. Out of fear of being confused with Davy Jones from the Monkees, he changed his name to David Bowie. (Biography)
2. Bowie’s half-brother introduced him to jazz musicians, such as Miles Davis and John Coltrane. (The Guardian)
3. He was the first rock star to become an ISP (internet service provider) when BowieNet launched in 1998. (Hollywood Reporter)
4. His first album, which he released in 1967, didn’t chart at all in the US and only poorly in the UK. (Rolling Stone)
5. Bowie was known for his rejections. Infamous, it seems. You can read about the various ways and to whom he’s said no here. (Among the recipients of a Bowie rejection: David Grohl from Foo Fighters, and Queen Elizabeth II.)
1. The original recording for “Nothing Compares 2 U,” from 1984, was just released a couple of weeks ago. (Variety)

2. Prince released 38 studio albums between 1978 and his death in 2016. (Prince Estate)
3. Prince produced for a number of artists, including Chaka Khan, Judith hill, The New Power Generation, Mavis Staples, Madhouse, and The Family. (Prince Estate)
4. He sold over 100 million records during his lifetime. (Forbes)
5. Prince appears on Madonna’s controversial album, Like a Prayer: Both co-wrote and performed “Long Song,” and Prince played the opening guitar lick on the title track. (CNN)
Join us and hear music by two of rock’s most rebellious artists on Thursday, May 24 @ 8PM. Get your tickets now.

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