Mike Nesmith & Micky Dolenz on Tour

The Monkees have been together—in various iterations—for over 50 years now, since their TV show debuted in 1966. Back then, it was Monkees, mayhem, music, and now it’s a plethora of music styles that have blended and been expressed through the decades under one banner: Peter’s folk and blues, Davy’s rock, Micky’s soul and pop, and Mike’s country. And everything in between, often mixed up like a sped-up Monkees video clip from the show.
If anyone is looking for an introduction into American music (including streaks of the British Invasion), you needn’t look much further.
Now, in their upcoming summer tour, Mike Nesmith and Micky Dolenz will bring decades of music history to Kitchener. But don’t expect “The Monkees.” As Mike explains in a Rolling Stone article, “It’ll be Monkees music, but there’s no pretense there about Micky and I being the Monkees. We’re not. We’re the remnants.”
Expect a night of songs from all 50 years of the Monkees catalogue and many of Mike’s compositions, some of which have never been played live before.

Mike’s compositions “Sweet Young Thing” (written with Carole King and Gerry Goffin) and “Papa Gene’s Blues” appeared already on the group’s eponymous first album, whose Boyce & Hart song “Last Train to Clarksville” helped sky-rocket the group to chart stardom. Mike, though, also wrote “Listen to the Band,” “Circle Sky,” “While I Cry,” “The Girl That I Knew Somewhere,” “You Just May Be the One,” and so many more. Apart from his Monkees work, he started his own group, First National Band, and has also released solo albums.
Micky is perhaps best known for “Randy Scouse Git,” which appeared on the group’s not-so-successful Headquarters album. A lesser known song Micky wrote is “Mommy and Daddy,” which appeared as a Colgems single in 1969. In it, Micky asks kids to ask their parents some tough questions, and the song was re-recorded because producers felt it was too harsh for the Monkees image. (For example, the original version ends with, “If it was my blood spilling on the kitchen floor, if it was my blood, Mommy, would you care a little more?” It was re-written as “Do you think I’m too young to know, to see, to feel, or hear? My questions need an answer or a vacuum will appear.”)
“Where’s Peter?” you may be asking. According to Rolling Stone, he’s working on another project at the moment with his band, Shoe Suede Blues.
The Centre In The Square is one of only 16 venues for this monumental tour. Mark Tuesday, June 19 @ 8PM on your calendar and order your tickets now before they go, walking down the street, and get the funniest looks from anyone they meet…

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