Billboard Charting SYML OnStage

Syml is OnStage with songs about love and being adopted.
“Whoever is near one of the few live performances shouldn’t miss the chance to see one,” writes German online music reviewer Wolfgang Bastian about Syml, the stage name for indie pop musician Brian Fennel.
Just last month, Syml’s song “Where’s My Love” peaked at #25 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart, and many TV viewers will recognize it from the series Teen Wolf, season 5, episode 14, “The Sword and the Spirit.”

The YouTube video has garnered over 10 million views, and the song, according to, over 60 million streams. Moreover, as of this writing, the song has spent 20 weeks on the Billboard charts.
Syml studied music at university and is a classically trained pianist. It wasn’t until a professor suggested he write music that centered on more personal themes did he begin exploring his experiences as an adoptive child.
Syml’s website says, “Adopted and not knowing his history or connection to his Welsh roots, many of these songs were influenced by the complex feelings that come from unknown lineage.”
He discovered his roots first in his 20s and describes his son as the first person he knew he was related to.
Chris Rattey of WGBH writes, “Now 34, he draws inspiration from investigating and embracing his heritage. But it was the birth of his first child that brought a clearer perspective to these complex feelings of identity and unknown lineage.”
Syml, Welsh for “simple,” chose the word as a reminder: “‘Simple’ serves as a reminder both in production and in life,” he told Rattey. “It wasn’t just music that I wanted that reminder to be. It’s everything around me. This is my total mantra right now, and communicating best when things are simple.”
You can expect some new songs at the concert, including “Where Do We Go,” whose teaser video has already garnered almost 9,500 views in just 11 days.

Syml performs in Kitchener as part of our OnStage* series on Saturday, September 15, @ 8PM. Order your tickets now for an intimate evening of music that is beautiful and humble, soulful and moving.
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