Lord of the Dance Restaged

Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance has become an all new show! Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games is a spectacular new staging of the much-loved traditional masterpiece. The show stars James Keegan, Morgan Comer, Mathew Smith, Cathal Keaney, Fergal Keaney and Andras Kren as the “Lords of the Dance” and is choreographed and directed by Flatley.
Flatley has been around as long as much of the world has known about Irish dance thanks to his unique vision that helped draw the world into Irish dance. He began with Riverdance in 1994, which broke box-office records and has sold millions of tickets since. He created the first iteration of Lord of the Dance in 1996.

Both shows made waves, because they broke with the traditional form of Irish dancing: set rhythms and still upper bodies. Flatley trained in both American tap and Irish step dance, and his productions melded the two together.
Flatley’s skilled feet performed two feats for him: setting the record for the most taps per second. Twice. In 1989, he set the Guiness World Record at 28 taps per second. In 1998, at 39 years of age, he hit 35 taps per second. It wasn’t until almost two decades later, on March 17, 2016, and a few months shy of turning 58, that Flatley stopped performing.

With all the visceral precision and thrills of the original, Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games features new staging, new costumes and choreography. With 40 of the world’s most outstanding young performers directed by Flatley, and new music by composer Gerard Fahy, this latest iteration combines the best of tradition with all the excitement of new music and dance, in true Flatley style.

Don’t miss out on an exciting evening of high-flying jumps, sharp-hitting footwork, and mystical Irish stories. Get your tickets now!

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