All staff members can be reached at 519 578 5660.

The Centre In The Square has over 400 full-time and part-time employees.

Finance, Administration, Box Office, and Marketing
Joe HENNING, Interim General Manager, ext. 5312
Serena, CAMARA, Administration & Operations Assistant, ext. 5315
Sylvia COOK, Controller, ext. 5233
Sandi KERR, Bookkeeper, ext. 5216

Margie HOGG, External Ticket Services Manager, ext. 5236
Lisa WILLIAMS, Internal Ticket Services Manager, ext. 5242
Kim PERNA, Box Office Supervisor

Tammy SIOPIOLOSZ, Box Office Supervisor
William MUIR, Director of Box Office and Marketing, ext. 5213
Tonya BRANT, Marketing Manager, ext. 5241

Programming & Rental Inquiries:
Greg HENDERSON, Director of Programming, ext. 5215
Natalie MARTIN, Rental Coordinator, ext. 5211

Sponsorships & Community Engagement:
Dwayne BRYSHUN, Director, Business Development and Fundraising, ext. 5251
Rachelle GARCIA, Manager of Community Engagement & Events, ext. 5100
Rachel D’AGUILAR, Manager of Lounge and Member Relations ext. 5295

Front Of House / Guest Services:
Kris OZOLINS, Director Of Guest & Event Services, ext. 5306
Dwayne PRICE, Operations & Events Co-Ordinator, ext. 5258


Brianne GWARTZ, Production Manager, ext. 5317
Mark CARD, Head Carpenter/Crew Chief, ext. 5210
Mike MACLEAN, Head Electrician, ext. 5235
Jeremy BERNARD, Head of Audio, ext. 5307
Pete LAMONT, Head of Props, ext. 5232
Mongo ANDREWS, Assistant Carpenter/Flyman, ext. 5294
Alex HOCH, Assistant Electrician/Projectionist, ext. 5249
Bob LUFFMAN, Assistant Audio, ext. 5235

Building Operations
Jason TREUSCH, Chief Building Engineer, ext. 5220
Scott, MARTIN, Assistant Building Engineer, ext. 5222