Centre In The Square, located in Kitchener, is a multi-use facility that can accommodate everything from touring productions (concerts, Broadway, and more), choirs, graduations, weddings and much more. Let us host your next special event!

The Raffi Armenian Theatre has tri-level seating with a main orchestra level, mezzanine level and balcony. The seating is continental with only side entrances. There are also two levels of loges along the sides of the auditorium. The total theatre area is 9,330 square metres.
Centre In The Square’s multi-purpose concert hall contains 2,047 permanent seats. Seating capacity varies from show to show depending on staging requirements, sound systems used etc.

The Centre has one of Canada’s largest orchestra pits, seating 110 musicians, eighteen air-castered, moveable stage towers, and one of North America’s largest proscenium arches measuring 13.5 meters high and 26.86 meters wide.

The Centre was designed to be an acoustically-perfect concert hall. There is a retractable concert ceiling designed to seal off the fly gallery and thereby transforming the backstage space into a reverberation chamber.

The moveable towers can be used as an acoustic shell behind the orchestra and the walls of the auditorium are curved allowing full dispersion of sound within the seating area. There are also acoustical sound banners which can be raised or lowered as needed and a moveable canopy above the orchestra area allowing for fine tuning. The Centre is also equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system.

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Technical Information

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