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After multiple international tours and Broadway engagements, Luis Bravo’s spectacular FOREVER TANGO returns to Ontario! From the irresistible rhythms to the unmistakable passions, FOREVER TANGO is a drama, a feeling, and a way of life, whose popularity has exploded across the globe. Don’t miss the world’s greatest tango dancers and musicians as they bring the art of tango to life!

FOREVER TANGO Sensuous and sophisticated, the tango inhabits a world where everything can be said with the flick of a leg, the tug of a hand, the tap of a foot and the arch of an eyebrow. Created and directed by Luis Bravo, FOREVER TANGO was voted Best Touring Musical by Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle in San Francisco where it played an unprecedented 92 weeks at the Theater on the Square and has returned season after season. Truly an international event, FOREVER TANGO was awarded the coveted Simpatia Prize at the 1996 Spoleto Festival in Italy.

FOREVER TANGO features fourteen world-class tango dancers, one vocalist and an on-stage eleven-piece orchestra, including the instrument of the tango, the Bandoneon, in an evening that celebrates the passionate music and dance of Argentina. The dances, performed to original and traditional music, are the result of collaboration between each couple and director/creator Bravo. "The tango is a feeling that you dance ", says Bravo, " a story you tell in three minutes. It's passionate, it's melancholic. It's tender, violent. You dance with somebody - but it's so internal, you dance by yourself. More than just a dance, the tango is music, a drama, a culture, a way of life."

FOREVER TANGO tells the story of the birth of tango in 19th century Argentina where thousands of men, having abandoned a disintegrating Europe to emigrate to South America found itself in crowded abattoirs (packing houses), the bars and street corners of the arrabales (outlying barrios) and in the enramadas (brothels). The tango was born from this lonely and violent existence. Originally shunned by the Argentina society as indecent, the tango became an overnight craze in upper-class Paris when Argentine intellectuals taught it when travelling abroad. The Tango quickly spread across Europe and to America and was eventually re-imported home to Argentina's society, though not unchanged. Born in the brothels and bordellos of Buenos Aires, the tango may be Argentina's best-known export. Creator/director of FOREVER TANGO, Luis Bravo is a world-class cellist who has performed with major symphonies throughout the world. His distinguished credits include appearances with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Colon Theatre Opera House, the Buenos Aires Philharmonic and other prestigious ensembles around the world.

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